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I just made my first gif ever!!  
02:30am 26/10/2010
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About 100 years late, but...  
03:10am 22/09/2010
I'm finally watching Mad Men. For some reason I got a wild hare up my ass (or is it wild hair?) and decided to download season 1. I'm watching the first episode right now and I'm liking it for sure. I can't wait to be all caught up, finally understand the context of all the epic Mad Men gifs I constantly see posted on ONTD.

Oh mah word, Peggy's getting a pelvic exam, and the doctor just used the word "strumpet." I officially love Mad Men.
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(no subject)  
12:41am 26/08/2010
School just started this week and I already hate my online classes. Boring ass shit. I might drop one, I might not, they're easy enough that I can power through the assignments when I'm at work one day a week.

I'm watching my boyfriend play Super Mario Galaxy 2. Cloud Mario is just about the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen. Oh, and Lubba. The lumas in general are too cute, I'm gonna barf.

Less than 2 months til my trip to Disneyland! *insert Sookie's FUCK YEAH gif here*
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10:50pm 23/07/2010
OMG, a marathon of ANTM cycle 3 is on. How was I not made aware of this earlier??

Yaya just displayed a serious lack of RESPEITO by spitting out that umiboshi. Gurl, no. I know you're all srs bsns now, doing love scenes with Mark Ruffalo and whatnot, but I still don't like you. Norelle and her Paris Hilton loving self was infinitely more likable than you.

I made a cheesecake today. I have to wait a whole day for it to chill before I can eat it. Why didn't I make it a day earlier?? GAH!

My boyfriend surprised me by shaving his junk yesterday. Um, thanks, but no thanks. It just looked...off. He said, "don't worry, it'll be back within days." Thank god.
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Cake, the Dicks of Oz, and Poop  
10:56pm 28/06/2010
I don't know wtf is wrong with my boyfriend. I made a delicious, badass, awesome chocolate cake last week. I went back to his house yesterday and it was still there, untouched. Who doesn't love delicious cake? Weirdo. Anyway, I brought it home with me. I was all, "aw, it's okay, cake, I'll give you a good home."

I just saw a commercial for match.com and the guy featured is a total doucher.

Okay, just saw another commercial with fucking RYAN O'REILLY! I love you, Dean Winters, and I miss seeing your fine ass on Oz. I know O'Reilly was thrown in the hole a few times, but I can't remember if I ever saw his penis. But then again, I saw so many penises on Oz, it's amazing I can differentiate any of them. O hai, Keller's dick :D

Speaking of Oz, there was a contestant on Hell's Kitchen this season (she got kicked off last week and I think her name was Maria), but she totally looked like JK Simmons. My boyfriend called her JK Simmons Face.

The season premiere of Obsessed is kinda boring. But then again nothing will ever top that first season episode where that chick had to scrape out her butthole with a toothbrush every time she pooped.
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(no subject)  
06:12pm 21/06/2010
Getting paid to eat peanut butter m&ms and watch The Simpsons. Amazeballs.

I have a well-known hatred of Dr. Pepper. I just cannot get into that soda. It tastes like prunes or something. I dunno, it's just nasty. BUT! I will kill a 12-pack of Cherry Dr. Pepper. What the fuck does that mean?!?

I'm going to go take advantage of the empty darkroom now. No, that does not mean I'll be smoking crack and watching porn, it just means I'm gonna print pictures without having to suppress any farts/burps that come along.
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(no subject)  
09:55pm 14/06/2010
So I had some weird ass dream that was like, half Mean Girls, half True Blood. Which is weird because I didn't really like Mean Girls and I've only seen it once. I'm assuming the True Blood aspect came from having seen the premiere a few hours before bedtime. Anyway, I don't remember what part of it was Mean Girls, I think some ho got hit by a bus, but I remember running through a school campus, then stopping to rest next to Eric and Bill who told me I could stay and hang out with them. No sexing occurred, but I remember chewing gum and chewing so much gum I was choking on it and had to pull giant wads of gum out of my mouth. It was stuck to my tongue, all of my teeth, and I remember clawing at it to get it out of my mouth. Ugh, I should have fucked one of them vampires.
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12:30am 12/06/2010
Sharlto Copley <3

Saw the A-Team tonight, it was super fun and I want to marry Sharlto now.
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It's my birthday! Huzzah!  
03:19pm 09/06/2010
And I'm at work :T

Already got a bunch of happy birthday texts/messages, and there will be delicious pizza, wings, and cupcakes when I get home. I know, I bought into the whole cupcake craze like a year late, but the only place to get a decent and inexpensive sheet cake is Costco and I'm a little burned out on them. Have a damn Costco cake every year. Time for a break! Cupcake Break!

Watching Carnivale at work again, I forgot about the scene where Rita Sue douches herself with a bottle of soda. Klassy.
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(no subject)  
07:40pm 08/06/2010
I just  bought tickets for the Thursday midnight screening of Toy Story 3. In 3D. In IMAX 3D. I'm so excited I think I just peed a little.
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